2017, the year of the New FIAP

04. 10. 2017

One of FIAP’s characteristics has always been that it listens to what the market has to say, and acts according to the industry's needs.

In the past ten/fifteen years there’s been a proliferation of regional festivals, specially in Latin America. Festivals with similar categories, formats, juries, speakers, etc. Awards too look alike with no differentiation between each other, a situation that forces the communication industry to choose for the most representative of them all.

For that reason, FIAP in the past couple of years, developed a unique proposal and of great value to the community of professionals. This year, on their 48th anniversary, they have launched the New FIAP which, after five years being held away from Argentina (three in Miami and two in Mexico City), it returned to Buenos Aires, with a big support from the city of Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Modernisation, and the Creative Industries Secretary.

With new categories, new format, new awards, new juries, new audiences, focused not only on the communication creativity, but also on everything that nurtures it, including new technologies, new media, audiences, art, startups, and all kind of creative industries.

FIAP's four big categories are F, I, A, P: Formats, Innovation, Advertising, Production.

FIAP’s new format, divided in four days, is also F, I, A, P: Party -Fiesta in Spanish-, Innovation, Audiences, Awards -Premios in Spanish-. During September 3, 4, 5 and 6, they have summoned in Buenos 40 professionals from different areas of the communication industry, including advertisers, content producers, artists, consultants, film directors, writers, and journalists, who, together with the most representative creatives of our region, awarded the best entries of 23 countries.

The festival was held in two venues, the Faena Hotel, the coolest hotel in Buenos Aires, where the juries worked and the Young Creatives Marathon, business meetings and the workshops were held, including the first regional agencies associations and the first Latin American advertisers associations meetings were carried on; and at the Usina del Arte, a restored old factory, where the conferences, startups pitches and awards ceremony occurred.

Brazil’s Almap BBDO was the big winner of this first edition of the New FIAP, being not only Agency of the Year but also having won the festival’s first Grand Slam, that is winning at least one gold award in each of the four different categories. Certainly a feat not easy to accomplish.

This year the goal of having again a unique festival was achieved, but it is just the first step towards FIAP’s 50th anniversary that will be celebrated in 2019, with all the strength and glamour our industry deserves.

More at www.fiapawards.com