The ninth Cup will not happen this year

The torch we lit nine years ago has burned out. There are no heroes to taking care for the flame to get it to blaze again. Ideas live as long as we care for them, as long as their light makes us happy, as long as they keep us warm.

But there are no partners that would be ready to support a great project, the Intercontinental Advertising Cup, even though it might have been conceived a little naively.

The ninth Cup will not happen this year and we can’t guarantee what will happen with the festival next year.

We are sorry for all the dreams, enthusiasm and joy of the winners, for our common promises and expectations.

In these ten years we found more friends that can be counted. Some less pleasant things are already forgotten.

Maybe a spirit of the time really escaped us somewhere, but a spirit of the place in which we live and which inspires us is existing and genius loci, old Roman protective spirit of the place will also after five thousand years take care for our homes, if we don't forget him.