Echoes 2011/2012

"I think it is a festival of festivals. It reflects a little bit of global spirit, but from a local perspective. To me coming from Latin America and using Hispanic, it really opens my mind and my eyes, because I get to see work that I normally don’t. It broadens your horizons and make it very interesting and very appealing," Luis Miguel Messianu, President and Chief Creative Officer, Alma DDB Miami, USA and member of The CUP Jury "This competition is very special, because we are judging local pieces made by global standards, with Genius Loci idea. This may come as disadvantage, but the work here is very relevant. Local innovation, local insight, but idea can be understood anywhere in the world. This can be seen from the winners here."

Adrian Botan, Regional Creative Officer for CEE McCann Erickson, Partner and Executive CD, McCann Erickson, Romania and member of the CUP jury

"The Cup is a very professional advertising competition. Suporting best strategy, best local insight, which is internationally integrated, not only trying to find new, fresh works. Work here needs to answer the strategy, the very impactful insight. Here we award a big idea that is big enough to use around the world. The criteria is very professional."

Jureeporn Thaidumrong, Creative Chairwoman, nudeJEH, Bangkok and member of the CUP jury

Echoes 2010 /2011

"It is of paramount importance that Intercontinental Advertising Cup, called The CUP was the biggest international advertising contest ever held in Turkey. Because Istanbul is a city that has left its mark on the world politics with its history, vision for future as well as the global responsibilities it has undertaken. It is an honor for us to host geniuses of the advertising sector and distinguished guests coming from various fields related to advertising in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, here in Istanbul.” Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul "Thank you all for the great week I had the honor to share with you, in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The city where east meets west, was the perfect place to judge, to debate and to celebrate "the best of the best" of four continents. I hope to see you all again soon, somewhere, sometime."

Martin Spillmann, Partner and Executive Creative Director, Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett Zürich, Switzerland

"Thank you for a time packed with inspiration, insight and illumination. TheCup IV stays in my mind as a fusion of cultures at the edge of two worlds."

Jan Pautsch, Head of Creative, Scholz & Friends Berlin

Echoes 2009

“Great experience again (this was my second year in the Cup Jury). A lot of work to be judged, despite the unfriendly “annus horribilis”, and many debates. Good quality overall, fresh ideas and projects, and a delightful winner. Creativity is alive and kicking.”

Milka Pogliani, Chairman of European Creative Council EMEA, Chairman and Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup, Italy – President of the jury 2009

"I never saw a jury with such actual commitment to find the best works, despite egos and nationalities. It was a pleasure spend, literally, four entire days judging and learning with these guys."

Celso Loducca, President of Loducca Publicidade, Brazil

"Among thousands of other festivals, CUP is unique – in its idea and in its execution. Isn't that what we all aiming for? This year judging was especially refreshing for me. I simply have to confess, due to all new practices that entered business of market communication, due to bureaucratization and corporatization of advertising and of course, due to substantial stroke that world economy and western society suffered last few years – as many others I started to doubt the future of our industry. Coming to a jury with so many legends of worldwide advertising, champions of the golden era gathered in surreal city of Sarajevo, I felt somewhat lost in time. But surprisingly in a lively discussion and with a lot of honesty and curiosity things suddenly become very clear. You go through nominations and awards and you will find so many work for which it is almost impossible to judge whether they are rooted in PR, advertising, event, digital… In the end of the day it really doesn't matter. Because good communication is always about new perspective to the relevant matter executed in a surprising and memorable way that stands out. Whether it is the most universal thing or something rooted in a deep tradition of local culture… If you open your eyes you can very well see the future of communication without borders between disciplines and techniques and fully devoted to award it’s audience with something they will recognize as a worthy experience."

Dario Vince, Chief Creative Officer, Digitel&, Croatia

Echoes 2008, 2007

“Many local ideas have a freshness and uniqueness that can shake up the world. Yet these ideas don’t always get the applause they deserve at global festivals. So in the homogenized world local values are losing ground. And by diminishing in their importance for local people, nations lose their identities and as they lose identities, significant part of humanity is lost.”

Michael Conrad, President of Berlin School of Creative Leadership and non-voting Chairman of The Cup Jury 2007

“The festival celebrates excellence in creativity in the broadest sense both from a global perspective as well as all the ways old and new and mash ups of the two in which ideas can be expressed.” Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Executive Officer of DeNuo Group, Publicis Media, New York, USA “There are far too few award shows for the unsung advertising professional out there, while accountants, electricians and brain surgeons are all awash in trophies and medals. The Cup will help to diminish this sad state of affairs.” Stefan Sagmeister, founder of design studio Sagmeister Inc, New York, USA “The Cup will prove that big ideas do not have frontiers, or have linguistic barriers. The exceptional breaks all existing rules.”

Agustín Elbaile, Vicepresident and Creative Director, McCann Erickson, Madrid, Spain

“I know what you are thinking: Great, just what the world needs – other bloody advertising awards. That was my first thought. But maybe there is a need for this one; maybe the world really needs another approach. Maybe there is a small but significant difference between International Advertising Awards and Awards for International Advertising. I think so.”

Ami Hasan, Founder, Chief Creative Officer and Chairman, hasan & partnes, Helsinki, Finland

“Does this planet really need one more advertising festival? Maybe. Maybe not. But at least the Cup takes a very different approach. It might be the first time that an international jury has a fair chance to understand and appreciate work with a more local approach. Michael has gathered an interesting jury, too. I think it´s going to be great fun.”

Filip Nilsson, Chairman and Creative Director, Forsman& Bodenfors, Stockholm, Sweden

“The global world we live in tend to ignore the context. We are all part of a land, of a culture, of a kind of food and a kind of ads. I hope that The Cup will succeed in the almost imposible task of recuperate what is closer to us.” Toni Segarra, Founder and Chief Creative director, S,C,P, F Barcelona, Spain “We are a good few years into this era since we said farewell to 20th century. We are supposedly surrounded by great many changes—at least some people claim so; i.e., the web, IMC, and the media-neutrals…etc. But have something truly novel been introduced in the 21st century? When I heard about The Cup, I felt that here is an essence of a new thinking and something authentically contemporary. I have spent many years asserting from the far eastern end of the globe, that local creative should be valued as much as the rest, otherwise the future of our industry will be stagnant. Because realistically, a global human being does not exist anywhere. In essence, global is the collective whole of the local. I believe that The Cup exemplifies this principle, and I hope that this step will contribute something authentically new in this century.”

Akira Kagami, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu, Tokio, Japan

“Think global, act local. Nowadays, everybody sings the same song. But there are not only international brands, there are also local brands that produce great pieces of advertising. In the international competitions, these are totally forgotten. Hope the Cup will give them a chance. It’s a matter of respect for all the different cultures.”

Marie-Catherine Dupuy, Vice Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, TBWA Paris, France

“For me each festival has its own flavour and enigma. Working in a jury is like going on a new voyage, I feel like an explorer with opened senses, ready for new experiences. My trophies are new emotions, new forms, new ideas, and new trends. I’m looking for discovery that will push the boundaries of our business as well as my own boundaries. Surprise me.”

Igor Lutz, Co-Chairman and Creative Director of BBDO, Moscow, Russia

“I never believed in advertising festivals. A jury judging ads out of their context? Agencies coming up with ads, just to win? Talent measured by the amount of awards won in festivals? What, if I don’t win any then I suck and should dedicate to dental mechanics? But, if we win, we’re between St Peter and God. And if we lose we judge the advertising festivals. We’re all festivals judges in that case. I don’t believe in festivals, I believe in people, I believe in good vibes, attitude, and talent. As an antidote against mediocrity, I believe that the Cup can revert this thought.”

Carlos Baccetti, Co-founder of El Cielo y El Infierno, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The Cup is a terrific idea. The Cup will recognize the creativity and uniqueness of the cultures in three of the most vibrant advertising regions. Great ideas, by definition, should “travel well” across countries. But too often, these ideas are dismissed due to a perceived lack of relevance to a global jury. This show will allow those great ideas to enjoy the recognition they fully deserve.” Tham Khai Meng, Co-Chairman, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy and Mather, Asia Pacific, Singapore “I see the Cup as a refreshing idea in the world of festivals. Praise ideas that work locally or regionally instead of looking only to the ones that work globally.”

Marcello Serpa, Creative Director and Co CEO, Almap BBDO Sao Paolo, Brasil